Pickup: Saint Laurent Paris nut suede Wyatt boot (aw/14)

slp wyatts 1 2The Saint Laurent suede wyatt has been an item sitting at the top of my want list for a very long time now, lets say almost two years, but i’ve never been able to fully commit to the look to suit them. But over the last few months i’ve been refining my closet to fit the style i’ve wanted to achieve and after putting the final nail in my photography course i decided to treat myself. I was originally planning on buying the newer ss/16 version but a few days before i ordered i found an aw/14 pair for a great price so i ended up going with those instead.slp 6My first impressions of the boots were, well kind of what i expected, i’ve handled the boots a handful of times before in stores and boutiques so i wasn’t really blown away by the suede or the construction or the silhouette, nevertheless these are some great quality boots, the shoe feels extremely sturdy, which is something i find rare with suede boots, typically with suede i feel like the boots are in constant danger and delicate but the wyatts feel like tanks. I went for a size 45/uk 11 which is what i normally go for with boots and shoes and they are a little snug but since they’re suede they’ll stretch over time, they’re not the most comfortable shoes but comfort wasn’t really the reason why i bought these shoes.slp wyatts 2A big problem a lot of people have with all wyatts after the aw13 editions is the size of the shaft (for comparison the shaft is a similar size, if not slimmer than my margiela side zip boots), admittedly they have been slowly slimming the shaft again but this has left a sour taste in a lot of people mouths, this teamed up with the addition of a line of stitching on the outside of the boot and the changing of the zipper on the inside has left a lot of people  deciding to abandon the newer wyatts and stick to the aw/13 versions, which i can understand but it’s not that big of a deal to me, the shaft isn’t an insane amount bigger and personally i prefer the new zipper and stitching, but that being said i still wouldn’t mind an aw/13 pair too.slp wyatts 3I am very happy with these, I was a little worried about sizing but everything worked out fine, i’m still planning on getting a pair of leather chain and aw/13 wyatts for the winter but these are enough for now.slp wyatts 4

slp wyatts 5

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