365 films in 2016: film 75 (Visionaries: Tom Ford 2011)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 22.12.25.png

If you’re into fashion you probably know who Tom Ford is, if you’re into Jay-Z you probably know who Tom Ford is, hell if you’re into films you might even know who Tom Ford is. So who is Tom Ford? Tom Ford the man and Tom Ford the brand sit parallel to each other, according to Tom himself, whether it’s designing for Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci or his own self titled brand, Tom Ford has embroidered his name into fashion history.

Visionaries takes a lot at Tom in his current state instead of overlooking his career, and well, he’s tom ford. He’s well spoken, intelligent, witty, he’s exactly what Tom Ford Embodies. I think what i admire the most about Tom is how he sees beauty in almost anything, a lot of people credit him with introducing a certain sexuality into fashion thas was previously missing and i think thats fairly accurate, he takes an almost satirical approach to sexuality, he’s so comfortable with his craft that it makes a lot of people uncomfortable (take a look at his ysl m7 ad).

Fashion is a very judgmental thing, as someone who loves fashion i can’t help myself from analyzing people’s outfits or thinking ‘oh that jacket is from this collection’ or ‘he/she really can not pull off that aesthetic’ it’s probably not the best trait but i feel like that’s the kind of community fashion breeds, but tom doesn’t really think like that, i think he really does enjoy viewing people’s own styles regardless of how bad or good they look.

So who is Tom Ford? well thats very complicated and i can’t answer that but maybe this documentary can. Visionaries: Tom Ford is a 7/10.


In 2016 i will be watching 365 films (yes, i know there are 366 days this year) and writing about how I felt about them, I decided to do this just because over the last year or so i’ve Sort of pulled away from film and I wanna start to enjoy watching movies again. This will normally be just notes I made or thoughts I have about the film.



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