365 films in 2016: film 61 (A Drop 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.37.25.pngIf you know me you know I really am not a fan of cgi effects, As up my own ass as that sounds it just completely pulls me out of the experience, no matter how well it’s rendered or how accurate it is it still just doesn’t look right, similarly it also takes away the ‘woah how did they do that?’ Factor practice effects have, it really kills the mystery of film for me.

So with all that in mind it was probably a mistake for me to watch A Drop, this film is kind of like big metaphor avant garden car advert-looking-thing. I’m gonna give this film a pass just because it clearly easy made for me but I can see why someone would like this, it’s impressive I’ll admit, just not my forte, A Drop is a 4/10.

In 2016 i will be watching 365 films (yes, i know there are 366 days this year) and writing about how I felt about them, I decided to do this just because over the last year or so i’ve Sort of pulled away from film and I wanna start to enjoy watching movies again. This will normally be just notes I made or thoughts I have about the film.


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