365 films in 2016: film 59 (Cycle 2015)

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 18.23.03.pngWowe who would have thought it would take me almost 4 months to get to an animated (technically) film,and BOY was it boring, Cycle is your typical claymation no real story film that gets away with having no story somehow just because people are still really crazy about claymation for some reason, i don’t really see the need in wasting a big post about this film so i’m gonna end it here, If you’re into boring claymation with forced hand in your face messages then Cycle is for you, but otherwise you should avoid at all costs. 3/10.


In 2016 i will be watching 365 films (yes, i know there are 366 days this year) and writing about how I felt about them, I decided to do this just because over the last year or so i’ve Sort of pulled away from film and I wanna start to enjoy watching movies again. This will normally be just notes I made or thoughts I have about the film.


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