365 films in 2016: film 37 (Steve Jobs 2015)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 22.18.59Steve Jobs was an interesting person, i love my Apple products and I don’t think I could go back to using a pc or a non IPhone, phone but I will be the first to admit Apple products are overpriced metal and glass boxes, and I think I feel the same way about Steve jobs. On one hand I think he was a marketing genius who knew how to make people want a product even if they didn’t really need it, but then again I think he was an egotistical maniac who’s god complex made people who should have loved him hate him and lead to his own early death.

What I didn’t like about the previous Biopic about Steve Jobs (Jobs, 2013) was its was sensationalist whitewashing, although the casting was pretty good the film felt like it cared more about painting this man as a deity than telling a compelling story, which is what Steve Jobs did perfectly, something I really liked about this film is how the actual product unveilings aren’t shown, and instead the focus is on Jobs and his relationship with people, most notably his daughter. This was the perfect way to make this film, we get to see Steve Jobs the man instead of Steve Jobs the guy that wore a turtleneck and dad jeans (don’t worry the outfit makes an appearance in the film eventually).

The performances are really great in this movie, Michael Fassbender being the acting chameleon that he is absolutely absorbs the role as Jobs and though he might not resemble young Steve Jobs as much as Ashton Kutcher did he bares a striking resemblance to his older self and Kate Winslet totally takes control of every scene she’s in, I really loved relationships between these characters as the film progresses, and the cutting between shots as flashbacks were the perfect way to keep the story interesting without slowing down the pace. Something I found interesting about this film was it was shot on 3 formats, the first act was shot on 16mm, the second on 32mm and the final act on digital, Danny Boyle said this was a creative decision to show the progression of Apple as a company and I really liked it, I’m not a fan of 16mm normally but it really works here, especially with the graphics that kickstart the sections of the film.

Regardless of how you feel about Jobs or Apple products or Apple as a company you will probably enjoy this film, Steve jobs isn’t about showcasing Jobs as a genius who constantly hit home runs, in fact the most of the film shows Jobs failing at every opportunity he gets and not learning from his mistakes in a very Scorsese antihero way, I love the honesty of this film (although it is clear to see which parts leaned more on the poetic license). Danny Boyle has somehow made a film about Steve jobs that has succeeded where every other documentary or film failed. Steve Jobs is a 9/10.

In 2016 i will be watching 365 films (yes, i know there are 366 days this year) and writing about how I felt about them, I decided to do this just because over the last year or so i’ve Sort of pulled away from film and I wanna start to enjoy watching movies again. This will normally be just notes I made or thoughts I have about the film.


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